Sample Work

Here are a few articles I’ve written:


Japanese Family Fights to Reclaim Brother Kidnapped by North Korea
Kaoru Hasuike Comes Home As a Stranger 24 Years Later

As Japan Votes, Aid to Countryside Hangs in Balance
Mr. Koizumi Aims to Remove Crutches for Rural Areas; An Airport With 4 Flights

Koizumi’s Success Charts the Path To Japan’s Future
Forceful Leader Governed Effectively Against Odds; No Going Back to Old Ways

Insight: EU foreign policy chief Ashton stays out of the spotlight



For Ailing Japan, Longevity Takes Bite Out of Economy

Fast-Aging Japan Keeps Its Elders On the Job Longer
Threat to Economic Growth Spurs Incentives, Laws; Trend Other Nations Face

Tax Evasion Dogs Greece
Shadow Economy Hurts Bid to Ease Budget Deficit; a €50 Receipt for €40 Ride

Red tape hamstrings Greek growth

France, Seeking Growth, Looks to German Tax Model

Insight: In recession-hit Spain, hints of new competitiveness



In Japanese Hands, Snowball Fighting Has Really Grown Up
Some 2,000 Teams Compete To Be in Championships; Tax Officials Toughen Up

At 80, Mr. Hatashita Sails the Pacific Solo To Bring Wife Home
Former Fisherman Journeys From San Diego to Japan With Shizuko’s Ashes

Popular French Web Site Celebrates Life’s Daily Indignities
Readers Revel In Each Other’s Humiliation; The Pâté Was Superbe — or Was It Cat Food?

In Diplomatic Crisis, Ireland Presses a Demand on France: World Cup Rematch!
Dublin Seeks Sarkozy’s Intervention After Ref Misses a Hand Ball; Shades of the Soccer War

Charles Lindbergh Won the Prize, but Did His Rival Get There First?
A Countryman Tries to Unravel the Unsolved Mystery of Charles Nungesser’s Last Flight

The quiet sinking of the world’s deltas